About Us

An Invincible Summer creates products to empower communities by empowering women.  We form long-term partnerships with our makers, providing skills training, emotional support, and access to US consumer markets

An Invincible Summer grew out of our work in Liberia, where for over 10 years we have partnered with a community-based organization to help families out of poverty through our non-profit parent organization, The Universal Hope Initiative. We currently work with communities in Liberia, Puerto Rico, and Haiti. 

How does your purchase make an impact? 

Your purchase has an impact in three ways:

1. It employs women in need, allowing us to pay them a living wage, where they can work from their homes, and create their own schedules around other life obligations. 

2.  It promotes and encourages creativity helping women heal from the trauma related to generational poverty. 

3. It supports our makers to become community leaders by generating funds for them to implement community projects of their choosing. 

What makes us different?  


We are a small organization, which allows us to build strong connections within the communities where we work, as well as between our makers and our costumers. 

Our hope is that every time you use our products, you feel connected to the positive change you have helped effectuate in someone's life. 

Local & Eco-friendly

Where possible we source our materials from the countries where our products are made, so that we can spread the wealth and generate more income for people living in the communities that need it most. We also strive to be kind to the earth. All of our products are handmade, many are made with recycled materials, and all earrings are eligible for our re-commerce program. We aim to leave little to no waste when making our products. 


All of our makers are paid up front for their work. 

60% of the retail price of an item is invested back into our women makers, providing them with more materials, more orders and, as a result, more income. 

40% of the retail price goes back into our non-profit partner organization, the Universal Hope Initiative, to support education and empowerment programs for our makers and their communities in Liberia, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. 

Check out www.universalhope.org and @universal_hope for more information about what programs our proceeds fund. 

Our Team

Me & My Family

Hi, I'm Holly. I'm the Executive Director of the Universal Hope Initiative and the founder of An Invincible Summer.  My husband, Jason, and I are attorneys who have been working to raise funds for community organizations for over ten years. We are pictured here with our two children, Sophia and Jack, who are learning to be patient as we split our time between raising them, our full time jobs, and our charitable work.  

We do not do this all alone! It takes a village of volunteers, supporters, family, and friends.  More about our wonderful circle of volunteers coming soon.....